I (Markell) started this blog on January 15, 2013. I had been thinking about doing it for some time, but finally made the push to just do it. I want to be able to create a recipe book with all my favorite recipes so I don’t have to go through all my other ones to try and remember which ones I liked. My goal right now is to cook 100 things and document them in this blog. I want to mostly cook healthy foods, but I can’t promise all the meals will be that way. I started this journey as a house wife who cooks because she has to keep her family full. I want to cook things that my family will not only eat, but love. I want to have new experiences through food. I want to learn how to cook things that I can’t even pronounce. I want to develop my talents and use them to make my home a happier place. What better way to do that than at the dinner table?

A few months after I started this blog, I realized that it would be way more awesome if I had some help. My sister in law, Traci, stepped up to the plate and contributes some AWESOME posts. I love having her work on this project with me. 

{Update} 3/9/2015 This blog is a few years old now and I have gone in a few different directions during the last couple years. I am currently (and for the extended future) building a business as a Beachbody coach. Beachbody coaching has allowed me to further my mission to develop my own talents and help others be the best they can be. 


I am a stay at home mother of three kids, a 4 year old boy, a 3 year old girl, and a one year old girl.My house is full of laughter, happiness, scream, tears, mud, naps, poop, and drool all at the same time. It’s a crazy ride, but I love it and wouldn’t change it for anything.

Also, there is a mouse in my kitchen. All the time. I’ve killed like three six of them and more of them keep moving in. I am literally scared to open some of my cupboards because I am afraid I am going to see another one. But, I live my life, anyway.


I am a wife to my own Prince Charming, and a Momma to a sweet little boy and lovely little lady. I love being able to spend all of my time playing & loving them! I also love to craft, exercise, and take entirely too many pictures of my babies {and get better in the process}. I hope to share some of my projects and lessons learned with you! Happy Creating! 🙂

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