Ten Toys That Are Great For Small Places

Posted on Dec 5 2016 - 6:00am by Markell

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We live in a fifth wheel with our three kids, which means space is VERY limited. We have to be very careful about what we bring into our house, because there just isn’t room for junk. When I was searching for Christmas gifts for this year, I thought it would be a good idea to come up with a list for you all, to save you a little time! I hope you find it helpful! 

Tip: Get things that are in sets. Our system is a bag system. Each set of toy is in a bag/box. The kids can only get out one toy at a time, and every toy belongs somewhere. It makes cleaning easier, and it’s easier to organize that way. 

1. Clip on dolls.


You can get these at Costco, or on Amazon. My girls (and my son) love playing with these. And they can actually dress them themselves (See ya later, Barbie!). 

2. Magformers.

All three of my kids (and my husband) love playing with these. We get a new set about once a year to add to what we already have. They stick together, so they're easy to pick up and they don't make a huge mess.

All three of my kids (and my husband) love playing with these. We get a new set about once a year to add to what we already have. They stick together, so they’re easy to pick up and they don’t make a huge mess.

3. Legos.


We only have Duplos, and plan on keeping it that way. We have a tub that we keep under our bed. We get them out about once a week for the kids to play with and they play with them for HOURS. I think it’s because they’re not available to them all the time. 


4. Cars. 


Never, ever, underestimate the power of a Hot Wheels car. All three of my kids love driving cars around the trailer. They’re small, and they don’t make a mess. If we had to choose ONE toy, it would be this one. 

5. Play animals.

Farm animals

We have a little tub of plastic farm animals and it gets played with quite a bit. These ones DO make a bit of a mess, but the kids love them so we deal with it. Again, they only get ONE set of toys out of at a time, so that really helps keep the mess down. 

6. Kindle Fire.


This tablet has been so nice to have. I am not a huge fan of screen time, but sometimes mama just needs a break, you know? This tablet is cheap, and my kids LOVE Amazon Freetime

7. Small play kitchen.


We don’t have one of these (yet), but I think my kids would love this one, and I wouldn’t mind finding a place for it since it’s so small.  


8. Art supplies.


These are obviously a necessity for growing kids. I just have a small plastic bin full of them and they get put away when not in use.  

9. Puzzles.


You can never have enough puzzles. They don’t take a lot of space, and they keep kids busy for a good amount of time. 

10. Melissa and Doug.


I can’t even pick on thing from this company because they have SO many good things that work in small places.


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