Five Tips To Make The 21 Day Fix A Little Easier

Posted on Sep 11 2014 - 8:50am by Markell


I know a LOT of people are doing the 21 Day Fix program. It’s a GREAT program with an emphasis on eating healthy as well as working out. It was designed by Autumn Calabrese, a celebrity fitness trainer and bikini competition competitor. The program uses a container system to help you measure out how much food you should be eating. It teaches clean eating and portion control. It is a nutrition program that you can maintain long term, not just a crash diet.

I LOVE how much food I get to eat with this program. Because I’m nursing, I moved up a level higher than I would be if I weren’t, and I can literally eat every single time I’m hungry. This program just helps me know WHAT to eat. So instead of eating a cookie, I eat a green container full of vegetables. And the containers actually have quite a bit of food. Check this out:



I know. This looks like hardly anything. But look what it looks like when I take it out of the containers:


AND! You can also have snacks on this program. Here is one of my favorites:


Banana ice cream with strawberries and baked tortilla chips. That’s a recipe for another day though!


So, now that you have a little background, check out this post on my fitness blog to see the helpful tips! 



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