Monster Repellent (AKA Magic Sleep Spray)

Posted on Feb 4 2014 - 7:00am by Markell

It can be hard work getting two kids to sleep in the same room. Add in the fact that my kids are both under 3 years old, the chore gets even harder. I wrote a post awhile back with tips and tricks to getting kids to sleep in the same room, and I really have had some great success. We’re in a house now where my kids could have separate rooms if we wanted them to, but decided to leave them in the same room for now. But, I have to say, there are some nights that I regret that decision. When one kid has a hard time falling asleep, the other child suffers. So, I love trying different things to help my kids sleep better. I’ve found that routine is key. When the kids get a bath, a rub down with some coconut oils (mixed with a couple drops of essential oils), a story, vitamin, brush their teeth, say their prayers, and go to bed, they usually do pretty good. There are still times though that the routine is not enough.  My two year old started getting scared of things. He’d be crying and I’d go in there and he’d be pointing at the closet telling me it was scary. That’s when I resort to what I like to call Magic Sleep Spray or Monster Repellent. 

This Magic Spray is simple enough to make. I bought a squirt bottle from Spark Naturals and filled in almost all the way full of water, then I added about five drops of lavender essential oil and shook it up.


I shake it every time before I use it. When it’s bedtime, I spray that yummy smelling stuff on the pillows and blankets and where ever there might be monsters all while telling my son that the monster’s don’t like this stuff and they are all going to go away. 

And guess what? Most of the time, it works. Like a charm. 

I can’t say it’s 100% effective every night, but I do notice a difference when I use it. It calms my kids down and helps them fall asleep faster. It definitely doesn’t take place of the bedtime routine, but it sure helps!  

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