Introduction to Family Yearbooks {Traci Style}

Posted on Oct 3 2013 - 7:00am by Traci

IMG_4956-1{Please don’t hate the blurry pic, I did that on purpose 🙂

Is anyone else out there a journal-er? I LOVE journaling, I really enjoy watching myself grow as a person, and be able to look back and see and remember things and feelings and thoughts, that I would otherwise just forget. I love remembering the little things, not EVERY little thing, but some of the little things.

And, being married, I love to write, often, all the big and little things I love about my husband. So that I am always focusing on the good, and remembering how wonderful he truly is.

And, having kids… I want so savor every minute. I am CONSTANTLY told that they grow up fast, and it scares me. I don’t want to forget or not have documented their sweet faces, and the incredibly innocent things they say. All the little things that I love, I want to remember, and again focus on all the good that comes with being a mother, even if sometimes it is hard. Journaling helps me to focus on the good, and remember all the little things I will miss so dearly.

I am going to share {in a few posts} How I document our little family life together. This is basically how I do it, and I will go into more details later…

1. I blog. That is how I journal. I know there are a lot of other ways, but I appreciate blogging because I can keep it private and allow only certain people to look at my blog. It gives me the privacy I want, and gives me a place to document our little family life. I choose this as my personal way to journal, but I know others use facebook, wordpress, your own notebook! However! Just find your thing and stick to it. Find a rhythm that keeps you regular, maybe that has more than one positive aspect. We live very far from family, so my blog serves as a way that I can let Grandma’s and Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Brothers, Sisters in touch, and seeing cute pictures of my kids without having to do too much work. I update periodically, and they can look periodically. I really feel that it keeps us connected to our families, and am grateful for those who also do blogs so I can keep up on their lives, too!

2. I take a lot of pictures. I am not a great writer, but I hope that in a way, my picture can speak louder than my words. I do NOT post/blog about every picture I take. I pick a few that I want to remember, and post about those.

3. I take notes all day everyday. Not tons and tons, but just here a little, there a little. I will have a little document on my iPhone/Ipad/iPod touch or just a notebook, and whenever my little one says or does something funny, I write it down. I don’t blog right then, I just write things down. Funny conversations/phrases/habits/faces/etc. Then after about a month, I do a post just on funny things I want to remember. I do not remember everything, but I hope to be able to document a few of the things to be able to look back on and remember and have my children remember when they ask me what they were like as a baby, 1 year old, 3 year old, etc.{Check back on a post on this, too!}

4. I make collages. Like I said before I take A LOT of pictures, but I want them to be organized, and be able to fit them better in a book and save myself some time when I make the actual book, so I will post my pictures in a collage.  I am also the most indecisive person on the planet, so I throw 5 pictures into a collage instead of having to decide on one 🙂 At times I will just post one picture, but for the most part, I do collages, and it saves me a LOT of time when book making time comes around. {Check out my collage post coming up in a few days!}

5. I get my books printed once a year from I have actually tried a LOT of different places who create photobooks, and these guys are my absolute favorite {price, quality, service/etc.}  {Check out my post tomorrow to learn more about printing your books and why I adore Blurb.}

6. I get a book printed for each of my children also, starting from when they are born. My little boy was born in 2010, so he will get a copy of every book from that year on. I know some people think it would be annoying to have 18 years of books, but I think it will be a treasure. I debated a long time how to do our books, if I should do just pictures of each child individually and make separate books, but decided that I would do one book each year, for everyone. Saving me time, and I think siblings like to read about each other, too. I really hope that my children enjoy this someday. They sure do love looking through them now!

7. Lastly, make a plan for your family yearbook that YOU think and KNOW is doable. That even when you get busier, you can keep up on. Right now I only have 2 children. I know I will have more, and wanted a system that I knew I could keep up with even if I have 10 kids! {I will not have that many, but I like to exaggerate!} 🙂 Find a System that you like, and go with that. Find what YOU personally have time for. If you only have time for 2 posts a month, that is OKAY. It will be worth it! And Maybe you don’t take pictures, no worries! I bet you are a great writer, just write things out!

I am excited to expound on this a bit for you! I hope this inspires you a bit and helps you with some ideas on creating your own family yearbooks!

Happy Journaling!





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