Cloth Diaper Series: Why I Decided To Switch To Cloth

Posted on Sep 16 2013 - 7:00am by Markell


My little girl just turned one in May. Ever since her older brother was born, I toyed with the idea of using cloth diapers. They are so stinking (pun intended) cute, and I had heard tell of how they can save you a couple thousand dollars during the diapering years, plus the whole they-are-good-for-the-environment thing. But, I never actually did it. My first was in disposable diapers for his entire diapering career. When my little girl was born, my first was still in diapers and just barely over a year old, so cloth diapering seemed so out of the question and overwhelming at that time. Plus, we had been given a LOT of diapers from friends and family at the birth of each child, so I pushed the idea of cloth diapering to the back burner and just stuck with the disposable diapers. 

I am NOT picky about what diapers I use on my kids. The first few weeks, I try to use pampers, mostly because of the nifty line that lets you know when your little one is wet, but after that, I get the cheapest stuff I can that won’t actually fall apart. Generally, we were using Parent’s Choice. I can get them for about 14 cents a diaper without doing any couponing, and spent about $30/month/kid on diapers. Not too bad, really. 

After my first child was completely potty trained, the thought of cloth diapering came into my mind again. I would really like to cloth diaper my third child, but I knew that by the time I was 38 weeks pregnant, it would seem way to overwhelming. So, I decided to give it a trial run on my 14 month old daughter. I decided that it would be easier, for a couple reasons. For one, she doesn’t need changed nearly as often as a newborn. Another reason I thought it would be easier is because she only poops about ever other day, instead of… well constantly like a newborn does. I figured that if I could handle it with her, I would be more likely to be able to handle it with a newborn. 

So I did some research and started buying diapers. I’ve tried a few different diapers since starting her on cloth diapers about a month ago, and I have found a few that I really love. I am excited to share them with you during this series. I’ll be talking about my washing routine, how I handle going out, how I convinced my husband to go along with cloth diapering, how much money we ACTUALLY save, and more! Be ready for some fun diaper reviews, too! 


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  1. md kenned September 19, 2013 at 7:54 pm - Reply

    When my brother was a baby in the 70s, all my mother used were disposables…until someone introduced her to Dy-Dee diaper service and she became a cloth diaper promoter. Good for you for making this choice as well – I know it is not easy but it is so much healthier for the baby and the environment!

    • amouseinmykitchen September 19, 2013 at 10:27 pm - Reply

      Thanks! It really isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Plus they are so cute 🙂

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