Cloth Diaper Series: What About Diaper Rash?

Posted on Sep 23 2013 - 8:18am by Markell

howtohandlediaperrashOne of the things that a lot of people have asked me since I started cloth diapering is how my daughter doesn’t get diaper rashes with that wet fabric right next to her. Many people assume that rashes would be worse with cloth than with disposable. 

Not true.

At least not for us. Since we started cloth diapering, my daughter has only had one rash, and I wouldn’t really call it a rash. Just a little irritation. While there is no compelling evidence that cloth keeps rashes away, here is my theory: many people wait too long between diaper changes with disposable diapers. Disposable diapers are super absorbent, and can hold in a LOT of urine. Because they are expensive and so good at what they do, many people don’t change their child as often as they probably should. A cloth diapered baby should be changed every 2-3 hours at most. Changing this often makes for less time that the baby is in a wet diaper, and less chances of diaper rash.

I am actually very surprised how dry the diapers feel right next to the babies skin. I have found this to be especially true with my pocket diapers. The moisture is wicked away onto the insert and the fleece right next to baby stays dry feeling.

So, what do you do if baby DOES get a rash? Many diaper rash creams are not safe for cloth diapers because they won’t wash out in the wash. There are some natural remedies you can use such as coconut oil or letting the baby “air out.”

There are also store bought remedies that can be used. I was given a  Gro-Via magic stick  for review purposes that I’ve been able to use a few times on my daughter. It smells sort of like chap stick and goes on a lot the same way (except on the booty… not the lips). Because of that, you do need a separate stick for each child. I love that feature though because I don’t have to put anything on my hands, it just goes straight to the babies booty. And each time I’ve used it, it has worked well. I would recommend this as an essential cloth diapering tool. 



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