Cloth Diaper Series: My Washing Routine

Posted on Sep 20 2013 - 7:00am by Markell

The biggest question I get about using cloth diapers is how I wash them. How do I handle washing out dirty diapers. I have to say that I was really worried about this part, but I figured if so many other people were doing it, so could I! It couldn’t possibly be that bad, right? 

Because I switched to cloth after my daughter was 14 months old, I got lucky. I only clean poppy diapers about once a day, sometimes every other day. I know that by the time my next kid comes around, things will be a bit different with a newborn. But for now, it’s really not that bad. 

Most of my daughter’s diapers are pocket diapers. When I change her, I take out the insert and stick the insert and the diaper into a wet bag. If it’s dirty, I plop whatever I can into the toilet then rinse the diaper out in my laundry room sink. (yes, this laundry room sink is amazing. I don’t know what I’d do without it!) It takes a total of like 30 seconds. 

When it comes time to wash the diapers (every other day usually), I dump all the diapers and inserts into the washing machine along with the wetbags. I turn the washing machine to prewash and cold water and let it run without detergent. 

After the prewash is done, I add a little bit of tide ultra (like to line 1) and turn the washing machine to a hot then cold cycle, I turn the second rinse on, and let it go. 

By the way, I have an old top loader washing machine and it works awesome. I’ve heard bad things about having a front loader or HE machine for cloth diapers. I don’t know personally if that’s true, but I am glad (for once) that my washing machine is so ancient. 

When the diapers are done washing, I hang them on a line to dry. I can (and probably will in the winter time) dry them in the dryer, but I figure it saves money and they actually dry pretty quick on the line, plus the sun is good for getting stains out and sanitizing. 

And that’s it! It really isn’t too difficult. Yes, it takes longer than disposable diapers, but like I said before, I’m saving money & it’s cute. Plus, some people say it’s better for the environment. (I don’t really want to talk about that tho 🙂 ) 

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