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Posted on Aug 28 2013 - 7:00am by Traci

movingtipsoneweekOhhh moving! I have a love hate relationship with it. Really, I love being able to try out a new home and find all the things I love about it {and we usually get more space each time, too!} We have been married almost five years and just made our fifth move. {I know, really? Who does that, We do!} 🙂 It’s been really fun. We have lived in three states together and they’ve been West Coast, East Coast, and MidWest. Anyway! I don’t know if I am a pro at it yet, but I do have a few tips for the week before! Here goes:

1. Markell mentioned that you need to start packing 1-3 months before. I HIGHLY recommend this. Have everything packed that you don’t absolutely need up to the last week. That last week you really only want to have to do minimal packing so that you can get the other things done and not be stressed out of your mind. Pack up your kitchen last, and use paper products the last few days before so that you can pack all of your dishes.

2. Which brings me to number two. Go through your fridge! Try to use up all that you can in your fridge so that you don’t have to pack it! Things in your pantry tend to travel better 🙂 Don’t worry about using those up as much. Our last two moves were across the country, so we could not take ANYTHING that needed to be refrigerated or frozen. Start to give away some of the condiments in your fridge, too. I have been the recipient of half used ketchup’s and mustard’s and have been so grateful, friends with be grateful, too. Better than just tossing it all right? I have to add, when we just moved across town {a half an hour move} We kept those things and put them in a cooler. Plan according to the distance you move of course 🙂

3. If you have kiddos, be understanding that they are so confused. Prepare them for what is going to happen, and let them know repeatedly what the plan is. You are turning their whole world upside down. Be patient with them and recognize they may be a bit off attitude wise. I had to keep reminding myself it was the hardest for them, and they were just trusting that their they would see their toys again. Maybe let them write notes to their friends and let them say good bye to a few of them.

4. Leave on box of toys for your kids that last week. I just picked out as many as would fit in one box and packed the rest. That way, the day you pack up the truck, you just throw that one in and your kids aren’t mad at you all week for packing their toys! You will need them entertained.

5. Put together your paperwork you will need to move. Start a little pile/folder of things that you will need and cannot be packed.For instance, plane tickets, rental agreements, keys to move in, phone numbers, car rentals, etc.

6. Double check on plans! Make sure your rental will be ready for you, the apartment complex you are planning on is ready for you, or the home you purchased is ready, too. Also call your Uhaul, Upack, Pod, whatever, make sure they are ready for you! We called about a Uhaul our last move and they didn’t remember! They sent us to a different location to pick up our truck and everything. Even if you are organized, many companies are not.

7. Which brings me to my two cents on moving companies. Please bear with me. I hope you have already chosen. I just want to share my experience. We have used a horse trailer, Uhaul and a company called Upack {ABF Trucks, seen those?} We moved a half an hour away and used a horse trailer {borrowed}, then we moved from Idaho to Florida and used a company called Upack. They are incredible. Less expensive than a Uhaul if you are moving a long distance {like across the country!} Their prices on their website are a lot more expensive than if you call them, and you can usually talk them down a bit {By the way this is my own opinion, they are not paying me for this, I just love them} CALL THEM. Anyway, What happens is you tell them how much room you need and then they drop off a pod like thing, you pack your own things {isn’t that great? Then you can choose where everything goes, and it is a bit cheaper than some other companies} You lock it with a padlock {The only other person that could get in there is the driver.} Then they come pick it up, and drive it for you. It took them about a week to get our stuff from Idaho to Florida. They drop the pod off at the site you designated and then you unpack and they pick up the pod later. I know another company called PODS does it also, but they seem to only service bigger cities, so we used Upack. I don’t have experience with PODS, but they are very similar. Anyway, highly recommend Upack {ABF trucks} I have used Uhaul a few times and they are the cheapest for shorter distances, but I am not very impressed with how they handle things sometimes. But, cheaper is… eh, cheaper right? Guess that counts for service, too!

8.Whew! Sorry about that rant, just wanted to share. Also- that last week you are going to want to get your mail forwarded. It takes a while to get all of your addresses changed on everything, and you don’t want to miss an important piece of mail!

9. If you are driving your car during your move, get it serviced and make sure that everything is in ship shape! We drove our Honda across the country and were SOO Glad we got the air conditioning checked/serviced the week before we moved. Nashville, Tennessee has to be the hottest most humid place on the entire planet. {well, maybe not, but it was stinking hot!}  But really, take your car in if you are driving it as part of your move.

10. Finally, Let those you love know you are leaving and make sure you are able to get your goodbyes in and last time hurrah’s. Don’t save it for the last day, you just don’t have time! Everyone is different on how they like to say good bye. And with technology it is so nice that we are able to stay in touch with our friends and family so well. But there will be people you want to give your new address, email, new phone number, etc. to. So do it that last week, and get some big hugs in there, too 🙂

Anyway! I just wanted to share some of my tips for moving! Let me know if you have anything to add! I would love to hear! Happy *unstressful* moving!

Traci 🙂




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  1. Sam joyce September 20, 2013 at 4:55 am - Reply

    We know that moving and preparing to move can be an overwhelming and nerve-wracking experience.I agree with the #1,It's good to start packing a few days or a few week before you move.Thank you for sane advice. This will be very beneficial to homeowners

  2. lisaehrm September 22, 2013 at 11:41 am - Reply

    Oh, good ideas!!! We moved this summer, too. Many of these things I've learned over time, but I left some of those items out of No. 5. Maybe I'll do better next time :/

  3. Steave September 23, 2013 at 11:16 pm - Reply

    Really Nice tips. This is quite important to convince your children before making a move. They are emotionally bonded to things and its quite important to specify the reasons for the things.

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  5. Paul Meyers March 5, 2014 at 12:00 pm - Reply

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  6. Alice November 6, 2015 at 7:14 am - Reply

    Very useful tips!

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