Motivation to Workout

Posted on Jun 5 2013 - 12:14am by Markell

I’m not going to lie. I’m writing this post because I really need motivation to workout. I am down to TEN pounds left and have been trying so hard to lose them for about three months. I recently took some “time off” of working out and I was amazed at how fast I lost my stamina and flexibility. And how quickly I gained back some of the weight I had worked so hard to lose. I thought a good post about why I KNOW I should be working out might help me and it might help some of my readers who are looking for that little push as well.


Motivation Number One: I want to lose weight


Obviously. I would say that this is why most people workout. I heard once that it takes 4 weeks to notice that you are losing weight, 8 weeks for your family to notice, and 12 weeks for everyone else to notice. So, stick with it. As long as you are eating good along with your workouts, you should notice a difference in your weight in no time. Make sure you are also tracking measurements. Sometimes the number on the scale is harder to budge than the inches.

Motivation Number Two: I want to gain muscle & tone up


Another obvious reason to workout. I don’t want to just be skinny, I want to be fit. I want to have the strength to lift heavy things and to work hard when I need to. I don’t want a flabby body. I want a body that is in shape.

Motivation Number Three: I want to have energy

Working out gives you energy and fights fatigue. I always feel like after I workout I can get more done and I can have a more successful day. Twenty minutes of exercise makes a big difference in my day.


Motivation Number Four: Reward

I always reward myself in some way for working out. Usually it’s with an item of clothing. I buy something that is just a little too small at the Goodwill so I have to work hard to fit into it. I know some of my readers say they motivation themselves with food rewards. While I wouldn’t condone that, it’s better than just eating the reward without the work, right?


Motivation Number Five: To check it off my to-do list

I’m a list junky. Sometimes I get my workout in for no other reason than that I really want to cross it off my list. When I put it on the list every day, it’s way more likely to get done.


Motivation Number Six: So I can shower

Yes, sometimes I deny myself a shower until after I workout. I put my workout clothes on first thing in the morning and they don’t come off until the workout is done. If I want to get that shower in, the workout has to get done.


Motivation Number Seven: My gut

This sounds bad, but sometimes when I really don’t want to workout, I just stand in front of a mirror. It usually works. I’m not saying you should hate your body, or look at yourself and thing about all the things you wish were different about your body, but look at it and think about how much better it could be if you put a little bit of work into it.


Motivation Number Eight: To honor my body

I feel like my body is a great gift. I feel like when I am lazy and slothful, that I am sort of taking that gift for granted. I have never appreciated my body more than after a long workout, especially a yoga workout. Nothing makes you feel the power of your body than
standing balanced on one leg for three minutes.


Motivation Number Nine: Positive affirmations

I often have to give myself a little pep talk before I can workout. It usually sounds something like this, “I can do this. I have been given an amazing body and I can tune it to its fullest potential. I can work hard and I can get through a workout. I can get off the couch, and I will do that… now!” When I write that down it sounds super lame! But, it works! It is just enough to get me going and started on my workout some days.


Motivation Number Ten: Fun workouts

Every once in awhile, I buy a new workout dvd or game on the Xbox to get myself excited about working out. I love the Nike+ Trainer for the Kinect. But when that’s gets boring, I’ll probably buy a new game or bring back an old one or something. I figure it’s way cheaper than buying a gym membership.
That’s all I got for right now. I hope these “motivators” help to motivate you in some way.
How do you motivate yourself to workout? 

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