What I learned My First Week of Blogging

Posted on Mar 20 2013 - 2:59am by Markell

Disclaimer: I know that I call this “career” blogging. I am no where near a career level at this point nor do I intend to be. Blogging for me is a hobby, but I do want to create a successful blog, one where my mother isn’t the only reader (but thank’s for being here, mom 🙂 ) 

I am writing this post exactly one week after I started my blog. I don’t know when I will publish it, but I wanted this information to be fresh in my mind. I hope that it can help someone else that is hoping to start a blog sometime soon.

There is a steep learning curve when starting a new blog. There is SO much information out there about different ways to blog and how to do it right according to so and so. There are about a million articles on how to make tons of money on your blog and how to do it over night and what not.

Here is what I learned during this week:

It takes a LOT of work

Just this week, I have probably spent 30 hours on my blog. Because I have two little kids, this has meant staying late. I have decided not to have my computer open when they are awake, so blogging happens in the morning, at nap time, and at night time. That means a lot of sleepless nights for this mama. 

I should have had content before starting the blog

I was in such a hurry to start my blog once I got the idea to do 100 different recipes that I didn’t really think it through. However, because the main purpose of my blog was to document those recipes, I still would have done it the same way. If you want to start a blog for the purpose of making money and being a successful blogger, I would recommend having 20-30 articles before ever telling anyone about the blog. 

Google Adsense won’t accept you

At least not right away. It doesn’t say it anywhere in their terms, (that I could find) but a blog needs to be about six months old before they will accept you. 

Other people will

Amazon accepted me as an affiliate the first day. Chitika also accepted me, but it works better for blogs that get search engine traffic, which I don’t (at this point anyway).

Guest blogging is important

I asked around and found a website called www.myguestblog.com. Apply for your account and they will set you up with people looking for guest bloggers, It’s a good way to get your name out.

There are a ridiculous number of ways to get money from blogging

I feel a little big like I am wadding through a swamp. There are SO many different websites that claim to be offering money to bloggers, and I haven’t yet figured out which ones are worth my time. The same goes for social media. Do I really need a twitter, google+, facebook, bloglovin’, hello cotton, instagram, linked in, you tube, and skype account for my blog? I am currently trying to figured out which of these are worth my time and what websites will actually allow me to make money. (although, like I said in my about me, I am blogging for hobby, not for pay. But no one is going to say no to a couple extra dollars every month, right?) 

You need to index your site to be able to see it on a search engine

The Complete Idiot’s Guide has a good tutorial on how to do this. Basically you have to tell the major search engines that you have a website and you want them to know about it.

Search engine optimization is a big deal. I think. 

I still haven’t figured this out, and I think I will be spending a LONG time figuring out exactly what this means. I have figured out that there are companies that will do this for you. One of them is Optimising. They are an Austrialian based company that specializes in optimizing websites. Basically, when you optimize your blog, more people will see it when they search for content that you write about. There are certain keywords and such that help search engines lead people to your site. 
That’s what I learned so far. I am excited for this journey and to learn more about the blogosphere (as us bloggers call it 🙂 )

Now it’s your turn. I would love to hear what other bloggers have learned about blogging. What awesome tips to you have for the rest of us? 


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  1. Rosi March 20, 2013 at 6:23 am - Reply

    I just began and i totally agree with what you said about the 30 hours part. This was really helpful by the way, i didn't know about the amazon thing sobi'll look into that. Great post 🙂

  2. amouseinmykitchen March 20, 2013 at 3:00 pm - Reply

    Thanks! I'm glad you found it helpful. I wish I would have found an article kinda like this when I first started!

  3. janika March 20, 2013 at 5:03 pm - Reply

    great advice..

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