The Mouse Is Venturing Out

Posted on Jan 25 2013 - 7:10pm by Markell

I am seriously freaking out right now. Up until two nights ago, I had only seen any sign of mice in the kitchen. Only one time had I actually SEEN a live mouse. Most of the time, I just see evidence of mice or the occasional unfortunate dead one that got caught in a trap. One time, I did see one staring at me from underneath one of my stove burners (seems like a dumb place for a mouse to be right?)

Anyway, so two nights ago I thought I saw the thing running across my living room floor. It was late at night, so I thought maybe I was just tired, and I went to bed. The next day I found out that I had in fact seen the mouse IN MY LIVING ROOM.

I don’t know why it bothers me so much more. I mean it really bothers me that there is a mouse in my kitchen, but in my living room? Where my kids play? Where I am supposed to be safe from all micey things? Not okay.

So, I was laying on the couch during the kids nap time and I see the thing. It runs clean across the room, staying along the wall. I think to myself, it’s okay, the mouse is more afraid of me than I am of it. I’m trying to come up with a plan to attack this thing before it attacks me, when the mouse decides to change the game plan. He (I’m certain it’s a he because it has no respect for personal boundaries) comes out to the MIDDLE of the living room. Not along the wall like the cowardly mouse that he should be, but right smack dab in the middle.

I know that I should have been strong at that point, I had a bucket in the room, the least I could do is trap it under that until my husband could take care of it, right? So guess what I did. I got up as high on the couch as I possible could. I sat up there, cowering, watching as that mouse asserted his dominance in my own living room. He stood in the middle of the room for awhile, gave me a stare down, and the scurried back to wherever the heck he lives.

So, today, I have a plan. If I see that thing again, it is definitely going under the bucket.


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