Juicing Recipes

Posted on Jan 21 2013 - 11:12pm by Markell

Carrot and Apples – This is really good. It is sweet and super easy to make.
        8 carrots (give or take)
        2 red apples
        Juice in the order listed. Enjoy!

Green Juice – This is yummy, but the cucumber is strong (in my opinion)
        2 handfuls of spinach
        1 cucumber
        8 stalks of celery
        Use the cucumber to push the spinach through. If you don’t like the taste of this one, add an apple. It makes a big difference.

Tomato Veggie Juice
       3 handfuls of spinach
       4 stalks celery
       2 tomatoes
       4 carrots
       Juice in the order listed.

Oranges and Apples – my favorite, by far.
      10ish carrots (it seems like a lot, but trust me on this)
       2 apples
       1 orange
       Peel the orange before you put it in your juicer.

Red Juice – the beets in this make it super red going in… and it will probably be red when it comes out too… This one isn’t super tasty, but it makes me feel REALLY good all day.

      1/2 beat (they are pretty strong in flavor, so I only do a 1/2, you can do a whole one if you like  
      4 chard leaves
      1 carrot
      1 Asian pear
      1 Apple
      4 or 5 cabbage leaves

Lemon Carrot juice
     1 Apple
     3 celery stalks
     a handful of parsley
     3 carrots
     1 inch of ginger
      half of a lemon
Juice everything except the lemon. Squeeze the lemon over the juice.

Spicy Tomato Juice – I was a little nervous about putting radishes into a juicer, but I liked this drink so much that I made it three days in a row, until I ran out of radishes. It’s a little spicey, but really good.
      5-7 radishes
      3 carrots
      2 tomatoes
      1 large apple


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