Be Happy Now

Posted on Jul 22 2015 - 8:29am by Markell


The kids were all asleep at the same time a few weeks ago so I put Beachbody on demand on my phone and got my workout done outside.

There is an old dirty mirror out there. I usually avoid looking at mirrors while I’m working out. In the past, they’ve frustrated me and made me self conscious. Old habits die hard because I was avoiding this mirror today.

Half way through the workout, I caught a glimpse of myself, and I almost started crying. My reflection isn’t something that I’m ashamed of anymore, and I’m so happy about that.

But you know what? I wish SO bad that I could write a letter to my former self. I wish I could tell myself a few years ago to stop being so critical of myself. I wish I could tell myself to enjoy life regardless of the trials I was going through. I wish I could show myself that my worth comes from the inside, not from the outside. That I am important, worthy of love, and have so much potential inside of me.

And so are you. Don’t EVER forget it. 

If you could write a letter to your former self, what would it say? 


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