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Posted on Oct 17 2013 - 7:00am by Markell
Traci here adding a note! I also use a blog to journal, and just want to suggest a few tips on what to write on your blog. First, you will NOT be able to remember EVERYTHING, and that is okay! Just write down things you remember here and there. It’s not so much that you remember everything that happened in your life, as much as the things that are important, a few things here and there. Try to remember the best of things, and if you feel like adding a trial or hardship, do so! Make it your own, help your family later on remember you and or your family as you want them too, the good and the bad! And how you all grew! {Physically and Spiritually!}
Also, do not worry about having something super interesting to blog about! I got in a phase where I thought we had to do super exciting crazy stressful busy things every day so I could make our family blog exciting! Please don’t do that! Just write about what your every day is like! It will change before you know it and you will forget! Blog about your kids dancing together, blog about how your little girl drew all over herself, blog about how you were sick, but had a wonderful friend bring you cookies. The little things are amazing to look back on! Of course I blog on big things, too. But, not every post has to be a big deal! 🙂 I hope that helps a bit! Markell has some more tips on different types of journals!

I believe that keeping some sort of a record is important. It’s a good way to remember things that have happened, a good way to recall fun memories, a good way to not repeat bad history, and a good way to preserve precious memories. 

I always say I’m going to do really well at journey writing, but the truth is, it can be really hard to be consistent.  I know that writing sometimes is better than never writing, and this is something I really want to get better at. I figure if I write about it for all the world to see, I have to do better, right?

So there are a lot of different ways to journal. I, personally, have a family blog where I write all the important things that I think other people might be interested in. I also have a private blog where I write things that don’t want others to read but I want to remember for myself. 

One thing I really recommend if you do blog as a form of keeping a journal is to periodically have your blog printing. Traci is going to do some tutorials on that later in the month. I say this because at one point, I went to sign onto my blog and it was gone. GONE. Four years of blogging and pictures and memories… GONE! I have heard of this happening from time to time on Blogger. I was lucky. After a few days and a couple emails, my blog magically reappeared. Since then, I have gotten the first two years of my blog printed, and I’m working on getting the rest printed. I strongly suggest you do, too. 

Another way to journal is to keep a One Line A Day Journal . This is a simple journal that you write just one line in every day. I started doing this in a notebook but when I found a journal specifically made for this, I bought that. It made it much easier. The link up here is for a line a day journal that will last five days. It’s amazing how one small line can help me remember what happened during a day. 

Another way to journal is to keep an actual family journal. A journal where each family member writes in it every so often. You can set this up however you’d like. It can be a free write thing each week or you can use prompts. I have come up with a list of 25 prompts that can be good to get the ideas flowing. It can be a really fun way to come closer as a family and have a precious book that will be cherished for years to come. 

Click Here To Download The Journal Prompts journalprompts


What does your family do to keep a record of the past? 


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    It is hard to be consisten right 😀 same here

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