Adorable "Spring Is Here" Quilt

Posted on Mar 13 2013 - 4:10pm by Markell

I just finished my first ever quilt. It is a gift for my sister in law, who is expecting a baby any day now. I found this pattern here from Curly Top Quilts. It was designed by Curly Top Quilts and the pattern is for sale on her etsy shop for just $3. Check out her blog here.

 The pattern was simple and easy to read and I think it was a perfect first quilt. The pattern uses pink as the bright color, but I decided to use yellow. I used heat n bond to make the applique easier. And, I used the back fabric as binding to make things even easier. I was a little nervous to make it at first because I was afraid it wouldn’t turn out well, but I went for it, and I love it! I am for sure going to make another one if I ever have another girl. I ended up buying all the material for $30, thanks to Walmart’s fabric section, which isn’t too bad! The hardest part was cutting it out because I didn’t have a rotary cutter. Anyway, I love it, and I hope baby Akayleah loves it, too! Can’t wait to meet her!

It reminds me of a black and white picture with some color added later on. I ended up making a few mistakes, but I’m sure the baby won’t notice. And, I am just glad I did it. Sewing machines are so intimidating to me, but this was a good project to get the hang of my machine better.

And, for anyone who has yet to make a quilt, but wants to, I have one bit of advice. Get your nose out of your quilt. An experience quilter told me that, and it really helped me. Each time I thought I had made a mistake, I took a step back and looked at the whole quilt, and realized how much I really liked it. So, get your nose out of your quilt! 

Maybe the next one I’ll get really brave and machine quilt… maybe…

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