Family Year Book {Why I use Blurb}

Posted on Oct 4 2013 - 7:00am by Traci

Note: I have been compensated for this post. However, all opinions are 100% my own. I have enjoyed this company for a long time!

Did  you happen to check out my introduction to family year books before reading this? If not, check it out!


Okay, So the VERY FIRST question I always get about my year books is where I get them printed. So I thought I would let you guys know how, why, quality, price, etc.!

First off, I have tried a lot of different websites. I ultimately decided on Blurb because they are the whole she-bang {Anyone else think of Shedaisy when I say that, or anyone else remember she-daisy? Okay, moving on}

1. Blurb is great quality. They are bookstore level books! You can get paperback, hardcover, or dust jacket. They have three types of paper, matte, gloss, or lustre. They also have a variety of sizes to choose from, Trade 6×9, Pocket 5×8, Large Square 12×12, Large Landscape 13×11, Standard Landscape 10×8, Standard Portrait 8×10 {What I get for my books} and small square 7×7 {My sister’s favorite} . My pictures ALWAYS print beautifully and I am always in awe with how well the book turns out. Their binding is incredible and even holds up against my one year old and three year old children!

2. Blurb is easy to use! When I make my blog book I go in and download their software and then am able to slurp my blog by logging into my blog and selecting the posts I want to add to my book. Then, I am able to use blurb’s software program to create and personalize my blog posts, and make the book entirely my own {with their helpful program!} I love the ease of it, and, that I am also able to change it as much as I want or like to before it is printed. After I am finished editing my book, I load it to their website {from their program} and order right from there. It is THAT easy!

3. Blurb is affordable. I have looked into a lot of websites that print very pretty books. But, they are EXPENSIVE. If I am going to get these printed regularly, I need something I can afford, and something where I can get a deal. Blurb sends me coupons all. the. time. to get my book printed.  They offer deals and are always improving how they do things. The quality and price cannot be beat, and I have yet to find somewhere else that gives me such an affordable deal for such great quality. I am able to get a hardcover year book with 100+ pages for around $45 dollars.

4. Blurb has SO MANY OPTIONS! When I went to order my last book, they gave me the option to buy it as an e-book or pdf to share with family. How cool would that be? Or how neat to have it saved on your iPad, Kindle, etc.! And maybe, you don’t want to print your book, you just want to be able to look at it on your computer or hand held device. You can get them saved in that format, also! How neat! 🙂

5. Blurb gives me the convenience I need to keep up on family memories and have them last forever. I used to scrapbook, and could not keep up financially buying all the cute papers and stickers, and time wise, I did not have enough TIME to scrapbook everything! Then I moved on to digital scrapbooking, a bit quicker but still not quick enough for me to keep up. I needed something that I could keep up with even with small children when I only have an hour at night {if that} to journal and organize pictures. I needed something that as my life got crazier, I could keep up with. Having Blurb print my blog has given me all that. I can keep up on my blog, slurp it into a book, and spend a few minutes editing, and I am done. I get it printed once a year and after I get it printed, blurb keeps it on their database forever. SAY WHAT? Yeah, once I get them printed, they NEVER delete them. Which means one more place I have my precious photos saved in case I loose them all in a fire, flood, etc.

I cannot say enough good about this company. I love them! Haha, I have been using them for about five years now, and just tell everyone about them! They are WONDERFUL!

And! With the holidays coming up fast, what better way than to share a photo book as a gift? My parents LOVE getting books and photos of our kiddos you can check out their holiday guide here.


I love their personalized planners on page 5! And their recipe books on page 6! The possibilities are endless. The gift guide is also an amazing instruction book on how to make a variety of different Blurb products! Get a head start on your Christmas List and get 20% off your Blurb book by using the code EARLYBIRD20 before 10/7/2013. 

Happy Blurbing! {Feel free to ask any and all questions, silly or no! 🙂 I love talking about these year books!} 🙂


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