Playing Games As A Family

Posted on Oct 11 2013 - 7:00am by Markell

freefamilygamesA family that plays together, stays together, right? (or maybe it’s a family that prays together… either way!) Some of my favorite memories from my childhood are times when my family would play games together. I wanted to share three easy games that are great to play as a family. 


This is a variation of the classic version of hide and seek. I like this version much better. The way this game works is one person is “it.” That person goes and hides somewhere, while everyone else waits for a designated time (maybe 30 seconds). Then, everyone spreads out and looks for the person. When the person is found, whoever found him/her hides with that person. The game continues until the last person finds the group. That last person is then “it” and is the one that hides. Another way to do it is to say that the first person who finds the hider gets to be it the next round. Either way. This game is really fun because you might have four or five people hiding in one tiny spot, all trying to be quite. 

Button, Button, Whose Got The Button?

This game was one of my all time favorites as a little girl. Everyone sits in a circle. One person is “it” and one person is that “watcher.” The person that is it has a button or a penny in their hand. Everyone clasps their hands together and holds them out. The person with the button slides their hands into each person’s hands and secretly drops the button into someone’s hands. The person who is the watcher watches carefully and after the person with the button has gone to each person, the watcher guesses who now has the button. If the watcher is correct, he or she gets to be the next button giver and the person who was given the button gets to be the next watcher. If the watcher is incorrect, the button giver gets another chance and secretly passing off the button. 

Skittle & Flour Game

This game can be really fun, but it can also be a little messy. You put a skittle on the bottom of a teacup. Then, fill the cup with flour. Make sure it’s packed in tight. Turn the cup upside down on a table. There should be a little mountain of flour with a skittle on top. Each person gets a butter knife and cuts off a side of the flour. Everyone takes turns cutting a piece of the flour. When the skittle falls, the person responsible has to get the skittle out of the flour, with their teeth, and eat it. The end result is flour all over everyone’s faces and lots of laughter. 

Those are just a few easy games to play with your family. They are great games even for kids as young as 2 or 3. Playing games is an amazing way to make your family a little bit closer. 


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