Birthday Dates with your Kids

Posted on Oct 14 2013 - 7:00am by Traci


I wanted to share something with you that we have implemented in our family to make sure that our kiddos get more one on one time. When we had our first child, we felt like we got a LOT of time with our son, and didn’t ever feel like we didn’t get one on one time with him. Then we had little sister, and we felt a little bit like we weren’t getting much one on one time with our oldest. {babies are needy, yah know!?} So we started doing dates with our son on his birthday day of every month. SO toward the middle of the month my husband and I trade off taking our little boy on a “date”. Our little girl just turned one and we have started doing it on her birthday day every month, too! It is a lot of fun, and a really fun way to get to know your little one a little bit better, and improve that relationship one on one:

Here are a few ideas to get you started! You DO NOT need to spend ANY money! {though, you can!} The key with these dates is undivided attention, to get to bond with your child. No smartphone, no tablet, no business, no to do list, JUST Quality time with your child.

1. Take them out to dinner, or just ice cream!
2. Take them to the park and PLAY with them, don’t just play on your phone the whole time.
3. Make a special meal or treat with them.
4. Take them to a movie.
5. Take them on a long walk where you can talk.
6. Play games with them.
7. Read a book together.
8. Go on a Car ride together and just chat.
9. Go to the pet store {This is a BIG hit in our house!}
10. Take them hiking/biking/horseback riding/play basketball/catch etc!

These are just a few thoughts, but really think of it as a date with your kiddo! I have had a BLAST getting to do this with both of my kids because that time alone is SO special! And they feel special when you take that time with them! My son and I just laughed and laughed when we went to get frozen yogurt together, we both even snorted laughing we were having so much fun!

Let me know if you have any additional thoughts or questions! I know if you add this to your monthly routine, you will feel a strength in your relationship with your child. 🙂




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