Daily Reading with your Spouse

Posted on Oct 8 2013 - 7:00am by Traci


My husband is a VERY busy man. And I bet a lot of you guys can relate, yeah?

He has an incredible job that does allow for a lot of family time, however, he also has to travel daily across the state.  I am so grateful for the hard worker that my husband is, and know that if he could, he would rather be home playing with us all day, but am grateful he takes such good care of us.
But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss him 🙂

I realized as my husband continued to get busier and busier, that I need to make sure that we make the time we do have together count. So the nights he is home, we make sure to spend a few hours or few minutes just us talking, and something new started is reading together out loud as husband and wife. It is SO MUCH FUN. Even if we only have ten minutes before bed, we can read a few chapters and share a few laughs or thoughts and feelings. It’s something we can relate to later, and a hobby we can share and enjoy and grow from together.

I would like to share some tips on reading together, and some tips on books to read!

Here goes:

1. Pick Books that are easy to read out-loud. You will find out as SOON as you start reading them, sometimes if your book is too deep, or has too much information, it is really hard to read out loud. For instance, your marriage books, your parenting books, etc. Read them alone and talk about them together, but maybe save those for personal time. Kudos to you that can read those together! I applaud you 🙂

2. Try to find books that you will both enjoy. I love Harry Potter *hehe*. My husband, not so much. So we move on and find something else, talk before about books/topics/types of books you could both read together and go from there. If one of you isn’t into the book, that someone is going to avoid reading at all costs.

3. AND! If you cannot come to a decision, each of you make a list of books you want to read, and take turns. Sometimes, my husband will pick a book that I had no idea could be interesting, and I enjoy it, too! {and vice versa!}

4. Take turns reading. We each read a chapter, or time ourselves and takes turns. It’s no fun if one person is ALWAYS reading, or one person is ALWAYS just listening.

5. Read books before the movies come out! My husband and I read “the Hobbit” together before the movie came out! It made going to the movie really fun! And we could talk about the movie compared to the book, together!

Lastly, Just enjoy your time together! Take time, talk about the book, thoughts, etc. And make it something enjoyable you do before bed. I have found that reading helps me to wind down, and something that we can talk about without rambling too much about hard things during our day, we share common interests, and have something to chat about daily. It’s super fun to have a hobby with your spouse!

And finally, I would like to share some books we have read out loud! {Don’t make too much fun okay?} Just to give you some ideas to get your thoughts going!! 🙂

1. Peter and the Starcatchers Series {These books are really fun, they are 4 books that are prequels to the original Peter Pan}

2.Peter & Wendy {The original Peter Pan! Written a while ago- but so much fun!

3. the Hobbit {We both LOVE this book, it was a little bit harder to read outloud because of all the description of the scenery, but still really fun!}

4. Uncle Tom’s Cabin {THIS is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOKS! Okay, sorry. I love this book. It was a bit harder to read out loud because of the really thick southern accent.}

5. The Great Divorce {C.S.Lewis} This is also a favorite book, but a little hard still to read out loud.

6. The Chronicles of Narnia- These we SO MUCH FUN TO READ together! We loved these books and could read them again together. Great read a-loud, and great in general!

Just some ideas to get you started! Let me know if you end up reading books with your spouse, any favorites, and any tips you have for us! This is one of our favorite traditions!

Traci 🙂


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