10 Easy Ways To Improve Your Marriage

Posted on Oct 21 2013 - 7:00am by Markell

improvemarriageDuring this 31 days to a closer family, Traci and I are sharing a lot of fun and serious posts about family. We aren’t experts in anyway (except that we have families… and we like to make them closer!) We just like to share our advice with anyone who wants to hear it. 

This is going to be a pretty simple list type post. 10 “easy” ways to improve your marriage. I put easy in quotes because while these things seem simple, they do take effort. They take a determination to have a better marriage. They take two people who are willing to change, even just little things, to make their marriage better. 

1. Go to bed together. If one person is tired before the other, read in bed or play on your phone or whatever. I believe STRONGLY that this really helps couples have a stronger marriage. 

2. Set aside one night a week for each other. One night where cell phones are put away, computers are turned off, no distractions. If you can afford it, go out for a date once a week. If you can’t, stay home and play battleship or cards or whatever. Show your spouse he or she is important enough that you are willing to stop work or homework or your social media hour or whatever it is you want to do that night and just spend time with them. 

3. During that time you spend together, don’t talk about the kids (if you can help it). Find things to talk about like you used to before you had kids. This can be really hard, but it’s so good to remember that you are more than just parents. 

4. Bake together. Everyone can bond over food 🙂 And when you’re done:

5. clean together. I know what you’re thinking. What? How does cleaning help me with my marriage? I don’t know. But I know that it does. When my husband helps me wash the dishes and clean the living room or whatever needs done, I don’t resent it as much, we are spending time together, and I really feel like it helps us become closer. 

6. Go for walks. If your kids are old enough, leave them home while you go out for even fifteen minutes. If they aren’t old enough, put them in the stroller (or bike or scooter or whatever) and go for the walk anyway. Getting out of the house does wonders for everyone’s attitudes. 

7. Communicate. Talk about your problems. Don’t expect the other person to read your mind. If something has been bugging you, talk about it. 

8. Write notes. It can be little post it notes you leave for your spouse to find, or letters you mail to their work, or lunch notes, or whatever. Writing your feelings down can help make them stronger. And they don’t have to be sappy love notes. Share a joke, a compliment, something you’re grateful to your spouse for, whatever. 

9. Serve each other. Find ways you can serve your spouse. Even if it’s just one small act. A little service can go a long ways. 

10. Kiss. I feel like this shouldn’t even have to be on this list but I know sometimes my husband and I seem to go in a kissing rut. Kiss your husband when he first walks in the door, the first thing in the morning, last thing before you go to bed, after dinner, before dinner, whenever. I once heard some advice given to a newlywed couple. It was “kiss every day for one minute.” I really think that if every married couple did this, they would remember how they feel about each other. It’s important. 

There are my 10 easy ways to improve your marriage. Be sure to check out the other ways to make your family closer! 


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  1. Denise October 22, 2013 at 8:41 am - Reply

    This is great. I'm going to share this with my hub.

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