Moving Tips: 1-3 months before the move

Posted on Apr 29 2013 - 2:00pm by Markell

Moving is a super stressful! Add two babies into the mix and the stress level only rises. I am currently getting ready to move. We decided about two weeks ago that we needed to move, and we are supposed to be out of our house TOMORROW! Our next place isn’t ready for another week, so we will be living with in-laws for a little while. I figure that the more planned out the move is, the less I will stress out about it. The key to a successful move is to be organized and to plan effectively. I have tried hard to come up with a good list of things that need to happen 1-3 months before a move.

  1. Research the place you are moving to. If possible, visit. 
  2. Search for places to live. Craiglist is a great resource. It’s a good idea to rent when you first move to a new place. Buying a home right away can be a bad idea if you end up not liking the job/town. It can take up to a month to get approved to rent out a place, so the earlier you start this process, the better. Talk to property management places. They are very helpful at helping you find the perfect place for you and your family. 
  3. Talk to some people in the town. Email about rent listings. Tell people your story, and what you’re looking for. You might talk to someone that knows about a place that isn’t listed. If you have connections in the town, use them. Get to know the community. If you are in town, visit the local restaurants and talk to the people there. It can be a little scary, but people are generally friendly and love to talk about their town. Ask them about schools if you have school age children, especially if there is more than one school to chose from. This may make a difference in what part of town you decided to live on. 
  4. Go through your house, and get rid of anything you don’t want to move. Donate the things you can to a Goodwill or DI. Remember, the more you get rid of, the easier the move will be. You can also hold a yard sell if you have a lot of nice items. 
  5. Gather up boxes. Save them whenever you get a package. Check your recycling center. Tell your friends you need boxes. If you plan this step ahead of time, it can save you a lot of money. Boxes are expensive!
  6. Tell your landlord you are moving. Most places need at least 30 days notice. 
  7. Look into moving companies if you are going to need one. Compare all options. Uhaul is not the only choice! 
  8. If you have older children, start talking to them about the move. Moves are hard on kids, but the more prepared they are, the better they will do.
  9. Start saving. Moves can be really expensive. A Uhaul trailer can be up to $700. 
  10. If you are selling your house, start getting it ready to sell. Talk to a Realtor or set up your own “for sale” sign and get it listed. Houses can take a LONG time to sell, so you want to put them on the market before you are actually moving out. 
  11. Start packing items that you don’t use much. While packing these items, think about whether or not you actually need these items. 
  12. Use up the food in your cupboards. You have to eat anyway, you might as well eat the food you already have. The more you eat out of your cupboards, the less you have to move!
  13. Figure out how you are going to get to your new place. If you are flying while movers move your stuff, now is the time to buy plan tickets. 
  14. Tell your friends and family that you are moving. Also make sure you tell any important business corespondents about the move. 
  15. Stop buying stuff. Anything you buy now will have to be moved. Make things easier on yourself and hold off on purchasing any big items until after the move. 
  16. Clean. Clean your house from top to bottom as often as you can. Put everything in its place. That makes packing so much easier. 
  17. Make a list of all the businesses you will need to change your address with. You can do most of this at the post office, but cell phone companies, banks, insurances companies, etc will all need your new address. 
  18. Figure out what you are going to need to do when you get to your new place. If you are changing states, how long will you have to get a new drivers license? What documentation do you need for that? If you don’t have a copy of your birth certificate, order one. It takes up to 12 weeks to get a copy, and they are needed for a lot of things, such as enrolling your children in a new school. Order those if you don’t have them. 
  19. Get excited! Research the town. What is it famous for? How many people live there? What are some fun things to do in the surrounding areas? I find this really helpful, especially when I am dreading a move. The more I get to know about a town, the more I like it, and the more comfortable I get with the idea of moving there. A quick wikipedia search can help you with this one. 
  20. Organize your papers. You don’t want to lose any important papers in the move. Make sure they are all in one place and well organized so that they will be easy to pack and unpack in your new place. 
Good luck with your move! Do you have any other things that you do 1-3 months before the move? Leave a comment below!



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