Recipe #3: Basil Carrots

Posted on Jan 17 2013 - 10:18pm by Markell

So this is just a little side dish that I wanted to post up here because it is a special recipe in my house. For one, its one of the only ways I can get my 20 month old to eat carrots. The second reason is that the recipe is one that my husband’s grandmother makes and is a childhood favorite of his. It is really easy and super good.

Before I get started, I just thought you guys might like to know that the mouse is still running rampant in my kitchen. He (or she) took the peanut butter off the trap and survived. So, he (or she) lives to see another day.

Anyway, on to the carrots. The first thing I do is wash and peel the carrots. Peeling them is not essential, but I like them better that way. And I think they cook a little faster. I also cut them up pretty small to increase the cooking speed. Also, the carrots shrink a LOT when you make this. I try and do  three or four big carrots per person.

Once that’s done, heat up your oil. My husband likes it better with butter (who wouldn’t?) But for the sake of being healthy, I am using olive oil. When I do use butter, I use a LOT, usually an entire stick.

 Side note: I have to do a little highlight on my pan. I absolutely love this pan. It is a Lodge Color Skillet, Island Spice Red, 11″ My husband bought it for me for Valentine’s day the first year we were married. It stays on my stove all the time and I probably use it 5 times a week. It is super easy to clean and I feel like food tastes better when I use it.

 Anyway, back to the cooking. Heat up your oil until it makes the splashy noise when you flick water onto it. I hope you know what I’m talking about because that was a horrible description. Anyway, once it’s hot, put in your carrots and basil. I don’t measure the basil, I just pour a bunch on it. I don’t really think you can do too much. Fresh basil is better, but if you don’t have it dried basil works fine. Make sure your heat is around mediumish. Cook it for about 20 minutes, stirring every so often. (the longer you cook, the softer they are. My 8 month old really likes these but I have to cook them FOREVER for them to be soft enough for her. Once the carrots are soft, you’re done!

Basil Carrots
Easy side dish that everyone will love
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
20 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
20 min
  1. eight carrots
  2. three tablespoons olive oil
  3. three tablespoons basil
  1. Cut the carrots up small
  2. Cook the carrots with basil over medium heat in the olive oil for twenty minutes or until the carrots are soft
  1. Butter can be used instead of olive oil
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