A New Christmas & New Years Tradition

Posted on Dec 18 2013 - 7:00am by Traci


I have been thinking about this post for a bit, and have really felt like it is something I would like to share 🙂 I really enjoyed Markell’s Keeping Christ in Christmas Post, and this will go along with it quite well 🙂

This is the first year since my husband and I have been married that we will not be with our parents/siblings for Christmas. We have been married 5 years {Friday!} and although I am really bummed not to be with family, I am super excited to start some traditions. We don’t have too many, but a few that are kind of fun and help us remember each year specifically. One thing we do is buy a new ornament for our family each year, and a new ornament for each child. We were  going to the University of Florida one year, so we bought a blue and orange wreath with a gator, and my son, who has decided he wants to be an astronaut, picked out a rocket ship! Along with my little girl picking out a pony because this year, she loves ponies! 🙂 You get the idea! It builds up your ornament collection, and it’s fun to bring them out each year and remember what things you were doing/ were into, etc.!

We also get a new Nativity set every year so that we can have a collection 🙂

We don’t have TOO many traditions yet, and I would LOVE to hear any that you have started and really enjoy, but a new one we started this year has two parts, first, I put together this book…

The Christ Book by Sew Dang Cute Crafts


Thank you THANK YOU to the lady behind Sew Dang Cute for putting this all together! There are 17 topics, and we read one each day in December, and sometimes repeat, or catch up if we miss a day. There are scriptures {along with text to explain the scriptures a little more simply} and songs! My kids have LOVED it! We break out our play nativities, and can visualize and hold Baby Jesus and the Wisemen and my kids love playing with the nativities while reading this book. We use this all through December, nightly, as much as we can and of course, reviewing on Christmas and Christmas Eve. This book is also really neat because it talks about not only Christ’s birth, but his life on earth as well! 🙂

Secondly, we decide on something we are going to do/give to Jesus this year. This is also basically our new years resolutions, but we are trying to give something back to Jesus because of all he has done and continually does for us! We tied this in with the Wise Men story, but I think you tie it in a lot of different ways! I know one thing you can do is have a specific little stocking with your goals in them, and you keep it up to remember all year. We decided that my Son {3} wanted to draw a picture of his goal and my husband I wrote ours and put it somewhere we could see everyday. My three year old decided he was going to say his own nightly prayers all by himself EVERY night this year. {What a great goal!} So we drew a picture {Complete with tree and nativity 🙂 And hung it by his bed 🙂 The Little lady {1 1/2} isn’t quite there yet, but sings along when we sing songs 🙂

However you want to use this book/create a way of making traditions I would love to hear! We just catered it to our little family and what we felt would work best. Let us know what ideas you have come up with, and how YOU have kept the Christ in Christmas? 🙂


Traci 🙂


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