LDS Youth 2014 Mutual Theme

Posted on Dec 9 2013 - 7:00am by Markell

Every year, my church picks a new theme for the youth program. It is always a scripture. The theme is used to help plan special activities like Girl’s Camp. Last year, I made a poster of the theme, along with a poster of the Young Women Motto.  I decided to make one this year as well. I absolutely love the 2014 theme. It reads:

“Come unto Christ and be perfected in Him and deny yourself of all ungodliness” Moroni 10:32

Love it. How powerful is that scripture? 

Anyway, here is the poster. I am working on some bookmarks as well as some handouts. Those should be up later this week or next week. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you love it 🙂 Just click the link under it to download. Completely free. 


Click here to download 11 X 14

Click here to download 8 X 10 or 16 X 20



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