Showing Gratitude to your Spouse and Children

Posted on Oct 19 2013 - 9:40am by Traci

One of my favorite things about my marriage, is the gratitude we show each other. I know a lot of people would probably make fun of us because we are saying thank you, and I’m sorry more often than most people could stand. But it is something that I really love about our relationship. My husband is SO great to tell me thank you for even the smallest things. Like doing the dishes, or doing the laundry or getting birthday cards ready for our families. He is constantly telling me thank you, and I really feel loved and appreciated when he notices all the little {and sometimes mundane} things I do for our family. I in turn try my best to do the same for him, by letting him know how grateful I am for how hard he worked in school, to provide for us, to let me go sit on the bed for 10 minutes while he bathed the kids, etc. Gratitude is such a great attribute to cultivate in a family setting and I hope to share a few ideas to help make that more of a habit in your home, too!

1. Notes. I used to write notes to my husband and leave them on his bed for him to get when he got home from a long day, or when we woke up in the morning, just a note letting home know a few of things I love about him, and things I noticed and am grateful for. We still do that but now have made that into a gratitude journal, so that we can keep all the notes. We just keep it open on our bedside tables and write notes to each other periodically. You don’t have to write a lot. Maybe just a line about how grateful you are that your husband put his shoes away. Or did the dishes, or skipped out watching a football game to watch Downton Abbey with you because he knew you would like watching that better {yes, my husband did that 🙂

Anything! Just do it, and do it regularly!

Along with notes, my husband and I text each other a lot. We text thank you’s and I love you’s and just check up on each other throughout the day. Yes sometimes he is too busy to respond and sometimes I am too busy to respond, but I love that we are constantly letting each other know how much we love and appreciate each other.

2. the I Love You Because Board. Have you seen those? I made one and put it in our bathroom. It is so much fun! This may be easier for some than writing in a journal because it can be short and sweet. For instance “I love you because you make me laugh!” See? Simple enough right? Here are a few tutorials if you want some ideas!!

Super Duper Cute Right? Jen Over at Writings Under the Table made this super cute one!

I Love You Because Dry Erase Frame by www.thepinningmama.comKimber & Ashley at the Pinning Mamma made this cute one {Oh! And it is a free printable, too! Love the frame!}

love message board 1

LullaBelle made this super cute one, how simple would that be?

And! This super cute one from Chelsea at Married Filing Jointly! I love the frame and paper she used!

The one that I made was also very simple. I bought a frame from Target with glass, and put an 8×10 picture from our wedding. Then I bought some scrapbooking stickers and write “I love you because…” in them. Then, I got a dry erase marker and could write and erase messages to my husband.

3. Be sure to include your children. My little 3 year old cannot read yet, but I started a gratitude journal for him, too. We will read him the entries in their periodically and he LOVES It. He HAS To have a note I wrote him about being able to do hard things, every time he is having a hard time going so sleep. It is SO CUTE. He just lights up whenever I notice nice things that he does and I want him to always have a little book of things to look back on so that he knows how wonderful he is and can look and remember all the things we love about him.

Do you have anything in your family that you do? I would love to hear some ideas! These crafts are super cute, but I know that if you just try a bit harder to show and express gratitude the best way YOU know how, or the best way YOU KNOW your husband or children will appreciate, it will make a huge difference in your family life 🙂




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  1. Chelsea October 21, 2013 at 10:58 am - Reply

    I did a very similar post with a board I made not too long ago. Check it out:

    • Traci October 21, 2013 at 5:15 pm - Reply

      Chelsea, I love the one that you made! Thank You for sharing! I will have to add it! Thanks for checking us out! 🙂

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