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Posted on Oct 27 2013 - 7:00am by Markell

This post is part of a series on helping families get closer together. Today’s post was kind of hard for me to write because I really don’t know much about it, but I do know that it is a great way to get closer to your family. 

What I’m talking about today is family history work. That is a term heard a lot in the church, but I have noticed that it is popular both in and out of the church. I see adds all the time telling me that I can out if I’m related to the people who came over on the Mayflower or if I have royalty in my veins. It can be really fun to do a little research and learn about your ancestors. 

This is what my family tree looks like. familyhistory



That’s me in the middle there. My dad is on the left side of me and my mom is on the right. My husband is under me, along with our two kids. 

I personally couldn’t tell you where my family is from. I know one or two stories about my ancestors, but nothing too exciting. Which is sad, I think. Some of these people did some pretty amazing things that helped me get to where I’m at right now. If it weren’t for them, I could be writing this from Germany or Scandinavia or an Indian reservation or something like that. Because of what I know about history, I am sure sacrifices were made for me before I even existed. I feel like learning about those sacrifices and reading those stories would help me appreciate so much more what I have been given. 

Religiously, I believe that each person who has ever lived on this earth and reached the age of 8 needs to be baptized and receive special temple covenants. The LDS church believes in doing vicariously for those who have already passed away. That work cannot be done unless the names are known. So, I believe that family history work literally saves those who have passed on and never had the opportunity to participate in those saving ordinances on this earth. 

This video shows a little bit about what I’m talking about: 

I believe that as we participate in family history work, we can become closer to our living family and our family that has come before us. There are many other blessings promised to us as well. 

The LDS church has AMAZING resources for anyone looking to learn more about their family history. It’s completely free and no one is going to contact you asking you to be baptized or anything like that. You can learn how to get started doing that here. 

Another awesome thing the LDS church does is index old record. What that means is volunteers go through old hand written records and type them up so they can be easily found. Record include census records, ship manifests, military documents, anything with names and dates that can be helpful in learning more about a person’s life. There are literally millions of records that need indexed. If you feel like helping out with that cause, you can get started on that here. 


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