The Lexi Headband

Posted on Nov 13 2013 - 7:00am by Traci



I absolutely LOVE making bows and headbands. I love my little boy love love love, but when I found out I was having a girl, I got down to business! Luckily my friend Haley had a baby girl four months before me and taught me all she knew, we would have girls nights almost monthly and just make bows for hours and hours 🙂 I have decided to share with you my wealth of knowledge {ha!} at making bows so you, too, can have girls nights and make some pretty little headbands and bows 🙂 I will be doing a new headband or bow tutorial fairly often, so check back often!

This headband is dedicated to my sweet little niece Lexi who was born recently. She is sooo lovely, and I hope I get to meet her soon! I wanted to send some soft stretch elastic headbands, and came up with this sweet little headband all made from just stretch elastic.

You will need:

Stretch Elastic
Needle and thread {That matches your stretch elastic}
measuring tape
Glue Gun {optional}

Step One:

Cut your stretch elastic to your desired length for the age you need. I use this chart from the Bitsy Bands Website {No they did not pay me to show this to you 🙂

Newborn–> 13 1/4 inches
3-6 Months–>14 1/2 inches
6-12 Months–>16 inches
12 months-Teen–>17 1/2 inches
Adult–> 18 inches


Step Two:

Sew or glue together your stretch elastic you just cut. So that it makes a headband. Make sure to do shiny side up {unless you don’t want it to be shiny on top!} My friend Haley loved using her glue gun, and I loved to sew mine together. Whatever floats your boat 🙂

IMG_3783Step Three:

Cut a 3-4 inch additional piece of stretch elastic .{I only went to two inches in the picture because I folded it over}

IMG_3784Step Four:

Take your smaller piece of elastic and sew the loose ends together and pinch in the middle. Sew the middle together where you pinch and wrap your thread around and around and around, knot the thread off and cut your thread. What a cute little bow! Don’t worry if it is messy, it will get covered up soon 😉



IMG_3786Step Five:

Cut a 1 inch piece of stretch elastic and fold in half {Shiny side up}.


Step Six:

Grab your bow and place the 1 inch piece you just made over where the thread is wrapped around your bow. Now grab your headband and place the bow and 1 inch piece on top of where you sewed it together {it’s prettier that way} and sew on the back all three layers together.Sew or glue together, careful to only sew the back part and not make any thread marks on the top. Sew the back together and ta-da!


IMG_3787Step 7:

Make a few more, you rock!


Newborn (13 1/4″)
3-6 Months (14 1/2″)
6-12 Months (16″)
12 Months-Teen (17 1/2″)
Adult (18″) – See more at:
Newborn (13 1/4″)
3-6 Months (14 1/2″)
6-12 Months (16″)
12 Months-Teen (17 1/2″)
Adult (18″) – See more at:
Newborn (13 1/4″)
3-6 Months (14 1/2″)
6-12 Months (16″)
12 Months-Teen (17 1/2″)
Adult (18″) – See more at:

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  1. mel November 13, 2013 at 7:30 pm - Reply

    Oh so cute and simple what a great idea

    • Traci November 14, 2013 at 5:58 pm - Reply

      Thank You! I love the basic bows, and stretch elastic can be pretty cute on it’s own! It was fun to combine the two! 🙂

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