Recipe # 8: Eggs-In-Toast

Posted on Jan 23 2013 - 3:23am by Markell

This is something I have fond memories of making with my dad. It is an easy breakfast-for-dinner meal, or I suppose you could have it for breakfast, too.

All you need is:
salt & pepper
I cook these on a griddle turned to about 350 F, but I’m sure a frying pan would be just fine. 
First, butter your toast.
When your toast is sufficiently buttered, use some kind of a circle shape to cut out a circle. The mouth of a small mouthed mason jar works well. 
Place your buttered toast on your heated griddle. 
Crack an egg in the hole. Salt and pepper the egg. 
When the egg looks mostly solid, flip the bread. Don’t forget to flip the little piece, too!
Wait until the other side of the bread is toasted. Remove from the griddle and enjoy! 

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