What to do with your stuff when you’re living in a fifth wheel

Posted on Jul 20 2016 - 4:51pm by Markell

What did we do with our

One question we get a LOT when we tell people we are living in a fifth wheel is: What about your stuff? Where did it all go? 

My answer: It’s gone. 

All of it. 

Well… almost all of it. 

See, we moved from a 3000 square foot house into a 32 foot fifth wheel. We had a LOT of stuff that wouldn’t fit. Couches and chairs and dressers and clothes and toys.. and toys.. and toys….. 

But the good news for us was that MOST of our stuff was what I like to call Vintage Good Will. We hadn’t bought ANY of it new. Most of it was given to us or we bought very cheaply second hand. So getting rid of it wasn’t too hard. Anything that was in good shape, went to our yard sale. We had a two day yard sale and made about a thousand dollars. Everything that was left was donated. Baby clothes went to some needy families, everything else went to Goodwill or the dump. We saved a few things, and we have a storage unit that is 5 feet by 10 feet. It holds our camping stuff, a table, a gun cabinet, and some other random things that are important to us. A few other things are at my in laws house. When I say a few other things, I mean a headboard, a changing table (both thing I made and didn’t want to part with) and four or five small boxes. 


And that’s it. Everything else, we got rid of. If it didn’t fit in the trailer, it’s gone. 

At first, it was really tough! Making the decision about each thing that would stay or go was hard. But as time went on, it got easier and easier. Instead of deciding what I would get rid of, I decided what I would keep. For some reason, that was easier for me. 

I used the Kon Mari method to go through a lot of things. You know, if it doesn’t spark joy, don’t keep it. Which led to me getting rid of all of my dishes and buying some of the Pioneer Women line for the trailer. 

Side note: That’s one of my favorite things about the trailer. Everything in it is something that I absolutely wanted here. Everything makes me happy. There isn’t anything in here that I don’t love. 

The kids actually did really well going through their stuff as well. And we made a lot of room for toys, so they didn’t have to get rid of any of their very special toys. A few things that they were hesitant about getting rid of, but I didn’t want in the trailer, went to Grandma’s house and they get to play with it there. They were fine with this arrangement. They actually play a lot better with fewer toys than they did with lots of them. 


I did save a LOT of space for books, but we have since switched to E Readers, and I may be getting rid of some of the books to have room for other things. I haven’t decided about that yet. Books are so hard to get rid of. 

We got rid of a lot of clothes. I used a capsule wardrobe as my inspiration for my closet. I have a few more than 33 things, but not a lot. My husband did the same and his clothes actually only take up a VERY small closet and one cupboard above our bed. 

One thing that I think is really interesting, is that since we got rid of all of our stuff, not one time have I been sad, or wanted something that I got rid of. Not ONCE have I been like, “I should have kept X” or “I really miss Y.” Neither have the kids, or my husband. 

Turns out we just don’t need as much stuff as we thought we did! 

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