A Family is Forever, Treat them that Way…

Posted on Oct 27 2013 - 7:00am by Traci

I had been thinking about this post for a while, after I read a talk by Dieter F. Uchtdorf entitled “One Key To a Happy Family”.

If you haven’t read it before, it is really amazing. All of his talks are amazing. But what drew me in initially was just the fact that there is one key thing we can develop in ourselves and our children to have a happy family, and that is forgiveness. I have been blessed with incredible families on both sides, and can honestly say, I love them with all my heart, and trust them with all of my heart. I know in some families things have happened, and personalities are very different, and for a lot of different reasons, in laws, brothers and sisters in laws, cousins, etc. do not get along. I understand that, and I understand that we all have our own weird quirks and annoying things we say. I also get that people are not perfect, and we are not perfect and we all get offended by family. At the same time,  I truly believe that forgiveness would help in so many areas, and that we are missing out on potential friends. We are so blessed to have families, and I think often times we take them for granted.

I have had moments where yes, a sibling, drives me crazy. I don’t understand them, they don’t make sense to me, and their personalities drive me NUTS. We went to stay with family and I was getting especially upset about a few different things, and could not figure out why someone was bothering me so much, we were just visiting family so we eventually went home, and I had some time to think about my feelings and try to figure out how I could feel love and understand this person better. The next time we came to visit, before and during I prayed and prayed with all my heart to feel love for this person and see the good in them, that Christ could show me the good in them and that I could have the help to find the good. Guess what! It TOTALLY happened! I felt so much love for this person, that had frustrated me. I understood them better, and had a MUCH better stay than the visit we had before! It was amazing! I have also done this with my children and my husband. Times when my children are going through a phase and I just do NOT understand, and I need help to feel more love for them, and I pray and Christ gives that to me. HE helps me forgive and HE helps me feel love for them. It is wonderful!

I just want to share that I know we are all SO very different, and that sometimes, it’s a lot harder to forgive than I can even understand. But we are so blessed to have our families and extended families, and if we make effort, Christ will help us with the rest. To understand others and love them as He loves them, and to constantly find the good in others, and not look for the bad, because you always find what you are looking for, right? Treat our families like we want to be with them forever, and that we are willing to work hard to forgive.

I also wanted to share another story about forgiveness, that is not my own. I was able to go to a Conference called “Time Our For Women” that had inspirational speakers and music. A man named Chris Williams came and shared a story about losing his wife and children in a car accident to a drunk driver. His full story you can watch here.

He is able to forgive the driver of the other car AND help him. Through Christ, he is healed, and able to forgive something unimaginable.  One of the most amazing stories of forgiveness I have ever heard. I hope somehow this helps you to try a bit harder to forgive others, especially those who are closest to us. Happy Sunday!!




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