Recipe #23: Grandma’s Homemade Pie Crust Recipe

Posted on Mar 1 2013 - 11:53pm by Markell

Pie crust is a scary thing for a lot of people. It seems like its impossible to get it right, and it’s so much easier to just buy a store bought one. But, let me tell you, a homemade pie crust makes a HUGE difference in the quality of the pie. It does take a little practice to get it perfect, but with the right recipe and few tips, you can have a super awesome pie crust that you made at home.

I got this pie crust recipe from my husband’s grandma. I’m not sure where she got it…

Here is what you need:
2 cups flour
1 cup Crisco shortening 
(I’ve used off brand and it doesn’t work)
1/2 cup water
1/4 teaspoon salt

Here’s what you do: 

Spray a pie pan with cooking oil 
Measure out your flour and salt in a bowl and mix them together. Scoop your shortening. Make sure you pack it well into your measuring cup because shortening can create a lot of air in the cup and then you won’t get enough. I don’t use a 1 cup, I use a 1/2 cup measuring cup because I get less air that way. 
Using a pastry cutter, cut the shortening into the flour/salt mixture. Don’t over do it, but make sure you mix it well. The dough should form little pea sized balls. 
Pour in the water a little at a time and mix it with a fork. Pour a little in, mix, pour a little more in, mix. Don’t pour it in all at once. 
Spread flour on a large surface. Get out your rolling pin. One thing that makes making a pie easier is the weight of your rolling pin. I have a super heavy one, so I have to be careful not to press down too hard. If you can adjust the weight, or if you haven’t bought one yet, buy a light one. 
Separate the dough into two balls. Try not to touch it too much. The more you touch it, the worse it turns out. 
Press down on one of the balls, but not too much. Just so it flattens out a little bit. 
Start rolling the crust from the center. Every time you roll, start back in the center and roll out whatever direction. Don’t roll from one end to the other. 
After the crust is rolled out enough (so it’s quite a bit bigger than the pan you are using, at least 3 inches bigger all the way around), roll it onto your rolling pin (see the picture). Slide the pie pan underneath it and unroll it as carefully as you can. 
Fill the pie with your choice of filling (I almost always use apple, it’s my husband’s favorite). 
Repeat the rolling with the other half of the pie crust. If you are going to use any kind of cutter in your top crust, now is the time to do it. Then, roll it onto your rolling pin and unroll it on top of your pie filling. Press the edges together. Tear off any excess pie crust. 

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