Cash Only Challenge: Day One

Posted on Mar 2 2013 - 4:19am by Markell

So, today was the first day of my cash only month, and I have already run into a few hitches. The first one actually happened yesterday when we found out that my husband won’t have work next week. Apparently they are waiting on some parts and have no work for them to do right now.. so all of my careful planning and budgeting got kinda messed up because 1/4 of our monthly income is gone. But, I’m not worried. With a little tweaking, everything will be fine, we just won’t be able to save quite as much as I’d hoped.

Our second issue happened when we found out that my husband needs his wisdom teeth out. We have to pay for the surgery up front next week, so that messes with my budget a little bit, too. Not to worry. An important thing about any challenge is to be able to adapt and make changes if necessary. We are still planning on using only cash, which will be nice. Normally, we would probably have put the surgery on a credit card and paid it off later… months later. This way, it will be paid in full right away.

Another thing that happened today I am not very proud of. We decided to just slip into home depot real quick to look at some stuff for the garden I want to grow this summer and $56 dollars later… I have everything I need for a garden, but I didn’t even make it one day without an impulse buy. However, I don’t feel horrible because I was planning on buying garden stuff this month.. it was just a little less planned out that I would have planned.

So, back to planning… I asked you to come up with a list of your exceptions to your cash only budget (I keep wanting to say diet instead of budget…) I thought I would list my exceptions so I will be a little accountable to sticking with cash for everything else…

My exceptions to my cash only budget:

  • utility bill
  • internet bill
  • rent
  • storage unit
  • credit card bill
  • gas
  • tithing
That’s it. No other exceptions. What’re you exceptions? 



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